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Glade Wisp Automatic Home Fragrancer, Hawaiian Breeze-Old Product


Products in this Consumer Product Information Database (CPID) are classified based on their composition:
Substances: single chemicals
Preparations: products which contain chemicals that can be easily separated during normal use
Articles: products or product assemblies that do not contain chemicals that can be separated out from the product or assembly under normal or advertised use.



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Brand Information
Date entered: December 04, 2007
With Glade® Wisp® Scented Oil Fragrancer, there's always fresh fragrance in the air. Only Glade® Wisp® releases a measured puff of fragrance every few seconds, so you can always enjoy the same fresh fragrance, from the first puff to the last. It's available in a unique design and a variety of scents to fit your mood. Each scent is a blend of aromatic ingredients that will inspire your imagination.
1 UPC: 1

Purpose of product.

Room Deodorizer

Structure such as solid, liquid, aerosol etc.

Customer Service No: 800-558-5252
Manufacturer Information

Date when validity of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) was last verified.

Date verified: May 03, 2022
SC Johnson, Inc.

1525 Howe Street  
Racine WI 53403

262-260-2000 262-260-6004
800-558-5252 (TOLL FREE)