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Multi-Clean Multi Shield Eliminator III Spray & Wipe Cleaner, Pump Spray, Professional Use-01/01/2020


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Brand Information
Date entered: January 13, 2020
Multi-Clean Multi Shield Eliminator III Spray and Wipe Cleaner clings to surfaces and removes stubborn grease and grime easily. It is designed to quickly penetrate and break-down tough stains and greases with minimal effort. Multi-Clean Multi Shield Eliminator III Spray and Wipe Cleaner is recommended for cleaning walls, plastic surfaces, vinyl, painted wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, aluminum and stainless steel. Multi-Clean Multi Shield Eliminator III Spray and Wipe Cleaner is effective at removing black heel marks, oil, grease, lipstick, pen, crayon, soot, carbon and many other difficult to remove types of dirt. Simply spray on and wipe off. No rinsing is required. It is aggressive and yet will not damage the surface being cleaned including aluminum and painted surfaces.

Purpose of product.

Hard surface cleaner and degreaser

Structure such as solid, liquid, aerosol etc.

pump spray
Customer Service No: 651-414-3348
Manufacturer Information

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Date verified: February 23, 2021

600 Cardigan Road  
Shoreview MN 55126

651-481-1900 651-481-9987