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Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant, Ooh-la-la Lavender Scent-03/18/2015


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Brand Information
Date entered: September 02, 2016

Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant, Ooh-la-la Lavender Scent, masks the underarm odor caused by bacteria interacting with perspiration and reduces odor-causing bacteria. The antiperspirants help control wetness, and thereby odor, by slowing the flow of perspiration to the surface of the skin. For optimal performance, apply at bedtime. It will work while during sleep to reduce excess perspiration. It will continue to provide protection throughout the next day even if you bathe or shower the next morning.

0 37000 88515 3 UPC: 0 37000 88515 3

Purpose of product.

Antiperspirant and Deodorant gel.

Structure such as solid, liquid, aerosol etc.

Customer Service No: 800-964-1947
Manufacturer Information

Date when validity of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) was last verified.

Date verified: March 20, 2020
Procter & Gamble Co.

P.O. Box 599  
Cincinnati OH 45201

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