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USG Fiberock Aqua-Tough Tile Backerboard-Old Product


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Brand Information
Date entered: June 18, 2012

USG Fiberock Aqua-Tough Tile Backerboard is a unique, fiber-reinforced gypsum product that represents a new era in substrate performance for wet or dry areas, as recognized within the TCNA Handbook and International Residential Code. This durable panel offers superior performance and tile bond in addition to an integral water-resistant core. Unlike traditional water-resistant gypsum board, FIBEROCK Aqua-Tough tile backerboard derives both strength and water-resistance from its uniform composition. Made of a uniquely engineered gypsum/cellulose-fiber combination, it is strong, water resistant, and mold resistant, scoring a 10, the highest possible rating on ASTM D 3273.  With no paper face to delaminate, tear, or scratch, it maintains its integrity, even when wet.

Purpose of product.

Cementboard underlayment for tiles

Structure such as solid, liquid, aerosol etc.

Customer Service No: 800-874-4968
Manufacturer Information

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Date verified: February 13, 2024
United States Gypsum Company

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Chicago IL 60661

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