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List of 19 Brands

Brand Name

Klean-Strip Green Paint and Varnish Stripper-07/10/2015

Barr & Co., Inc., W.M. liquid

Permatex Paint Stripper, Aerosol-06/03/2015

Permatex Inc. aerosol

Savogran Kutzit Liquid Stripper, 110N-03/10/2015

Savogran Co. liquid

Savogran Prepaint Deglosser, 01122-03/10/2015

Savogran Co. liquid

Savogran Strypeeze Biodegradable Gel Stripper, 02602-06/02/2015

Savogran Co. liquid

Savogran Strypeeze, Original Semi-paste Stripper-01101-03/10/2015

Savogran Co. liquid

Savogran SuperStrip Heavy Duty Stripper, 01131-03/10/2016

Savogran Co. liquid

Sprayway Paint Stripper, SW-719, Aerosol-08/05/2014

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sterling 5f5 Non-Flammable Paint & Varnish Remover, 050004-03/10/2015

Savogran Co. liquid
10666_13037008 Image Motsenbockers Lift Off PVR Paint & Varnish Remover.jpg
Mötsenböckers PVR Paint & Varnish Remover-Old Product Stoner Inc. (Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off, Inc) gel
Champion Sprayon Paint Off-Old Product Chase Products Co. aerosol
10694_02008042 Image Citristrip Safer Paint and Varnish Stripper, Aerosol.jpg
Citristrip Safer Paint and Varnish Stripper, Aerosol-Old Product Barr & Co., Inc., W.M. aerosol
10693_02008041 Image Citristrip Safer Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel.jpg
Citristrip Safer Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel-Old Product Barr & Co., Inc., W.M. gel
9122_16025025 Image Crown Tuff Strip Aerosol.jpg
Crown Handi-Strip All Purpose Sprayable Stripper, Aerosol-Old Product Packaging Service Company aerosol
9121_16025024 Image Crown Tuff Strip.jpg
Crown Tuff-Strip Heavy Duty Semi-Paste Stripper-Old Product Packaging Service Company liquid
10625_19014015 Image Savogran Biodegradable Strypeeze.jpg
Savogran Biodegradable Strypeeze-Old Product Savogran Co. liquid
10626_19014016 Image Savogran Heavy Duty SuperStrip.jpg
Savogran Heavy Duty SuperStrip-Old Product Savogran Co. liquid
10623_19014013 Image Savogran Paint Stripper, Aerosol.jpg
Savogran Paint Stripper, Aerosol-Old Product Savogran Co. aerosol
Savogran Sprayable Strypeeze-08/22/2001-Old Product Savogran Co. aerosol