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List of 59 Brands

Brand Name
Citra Solv Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, Valencia Orange-06/16/2015
Citra Solv, LLC (Formerly Shadow Lake, Inc.) pump spray
Jungle Jake Cleaner Degreaser, Concentrate, 2381503-11/01/2017
Stearns Packaging Corporation liquid
Krud Kutter, Original Cleaner/Degreaser/Stain Remover-01/12/2017
Rust-Oleum Corp. liquid

Amway Home Legacy of Clean, Kitchen Cleaner Refill-05/29/2018

Amway Corporation liquid

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Kitchen Scrubber-04/10/2015

Procter & Gamble Co. solid

Scrubbing Bubbles 5-in-1 Cream Cleanser Active Scrub with Fantastik, Citrus Action Scent-02/24/2015

SC Johnson, Inc. liquid

Scrubbing Bubbles Bleach 5-in-1 All Purpose Cleaner with Fantastik, Pump Spray-02/24/2015

SC Johnson, Inc. pump spray

Tuff Stuff Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser, Pump Spray-02/05/2015

Armored AutoGroup Inc pump spray

Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose CleanUp Towels-02/10/2015

Armored AutoGroup Inc wipes

Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser-ZUAOCD32, Pump Spray, Professional Use-12/02/2016

ZepInc pump spray

Zep All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, Pump Spray ZUALL32, Professional Use-04/20/2016

ZepInc pump spray

Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser, Pump Spray, Professional Use-12/11/2017

ZepInc pump spray

Zep Heavy-Duty Foaming Degreaser, Aerosol, Professional Use-12/06/2016

ZepInc aerosol

Champion Sprayon Natural Citrus Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner 4385154, Aerosol-02/23/2015

Chase Products Co. aerosol

Clorox Big Jobs All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, Citrus Blend-01/05/2015

Clorox Company, The wipes

Clorox Big Jobs All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, Fresh Scent-01/05/2015

Clorox Company, The wipes

Crown Mineral Spirits Substitute-05/16/2016

Packaging Service Company liquid

Crown VOC Compliant Pro Flush-05/16/2016

Packaging Service Company liquid

Crown Xylol-12/17/2015

Packaging Service Company liquid

Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser, Pump Spray-05/05/2014

Weiman Products Co. pump spray

Lestoil Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner-01/05/2015

Clorox Company, The liquid

Method Heavy Duty Degreaser, Lemongrass, Pump Spray-04/13/2017

Method Products, Inc. pump spray

Permatex Engine Degreaser, Aerosol-06/15/2015

Permatex Inc. aerosol

Simple Green Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner, Aerosol-06/01/2016

Sunshine Makers, Inc. aerosol

Simple Green Pro HD Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Degreaser, Professional Use-09/12/2017

Sunshine Makers, Inc. liquid

Spray Nine Bio-Based Earth Soap Cleaner-Degreaser, Pump Spray-03/25/2016

Spray Nine Corporation pump spray

Sprayway Orange Power Plus Heavy Duty Degreaser for Industrial Use, SW-909, Aerosol, Professional Use-06/05/2015

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Weiman Gas Range Cleaner & Degreaser, Pump Spray-01/10/2014

Weiman Products Co. pump spray
Scrubbing Bubbles 5-in-1 Cream Cleanser Active Scrub with Fantastik-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. liquid
Aqua Mix 1 & 2 Deep Clean (Liquid and Powder)-06/01/2015-Old Product Custom Building Products liquid and powder
Institutional Formula Tide Floor & All Purpose Cleaner-Old Product Procter & Gamble Co. granules
Simple Green Pro HD Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Degreaser, Professional Use-09/26/2014-Old Product Sunshine Makers, Inc. liquid
Champion Sprayon Natural Citrus Foaming Cleaner-Old Product Chase Products Co. aerosol
9130_16025032 Image Crown Kerosene.jpg
Crown Kerosene 1K Fuel Grade-Old Product Packaging Service Company liquid
7032_Dawn Power Dissolver.jpg
Dawn Power Dissolver-08/24/2005-Old Product Procter & Gamble Co. viscous liquid
8237_16003812 Image Dawn Power Dissolver.jpg
Dawn Power Dissolver-12/14/2007-Old Product Procter & Gamble Co. viscous liquid
Dawn Power Dissolver-Old Product Procter & Gamble Co. viscous liquid
Easy-Off Bam Power Degreaser, Pump Spray-Old Product Reckitt Benckiser, Inc. pump spray
Enforcer Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser-Old Product Enforcer Products, Inc. pump spray
Formula 409 Cleaner Degreaser 1 Qt (Trigger Spray) Clorox Company, The liquid
10676_02008024 Image Klean-Strip Kerosene.jpg
Klean-Strip Kerosene-Old Product Barr & Co., Inc., W.M. liquid
10677_02008025 Image Klean-Strip Klean Heat.jpg
Klean-Strip Klean Heat-Old Product Barr & Co., Inc., W.M. liquid
Orange Clean Super Concentrate Degreaser and Multi Purpose Cleaner-Discontinued Orange Glo (M.F. Distributions Inc.) liquid
10617_19014007 Image Savogran Deep Cleaning Degreaser.jpg
Savogran Deep Cleaning Degreaser-Old Product Savogran Co. liquid
10627_19014017 Image Savogran Liquid TSP Substitute.jpg
Savogran Liquid TSP Substitute-Old Product Savogran Co. liquid
10628_19014018 Image Savogran Trisodium Phosphate  TSP.jpg
Savogran Trisodium Phosphate, TSP-Old Product Savogran Co. crystals
Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner, Free & Clear, pump spray-02/25/2010-Old Product Seventh Generation, Inc. pump spray
7914_Image 170all_purpose_fclear.jpg
Seventh Generation, Free and Clear All Purpose Cleaner-Old Product Seventh Generation, Inc. liquid
Seventh Generation, Natural Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser-Old Product Seventh Generation, Inc. liquid
Spray Nine Bio-Based Earth Soap Concentrated Cleaner-Degreaser, Pump Spray-Old Product Spray Nine Corporation pump spray
Westleys Clear Magic-Old Product ITW Global Brands liquid
Zep All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser-03/20/2002-Old Product ZepInc liquid
Zep All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser-Old Product ZepInc liquid
Zep Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser-03/27/2002-Old Product ZepInc pump spray
Zep Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser-12/10/2003-Old Product ZepInc pump spray
Zep Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser-Old Product ZepInc pump dispenser
Zep Industrial Purple Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser-Old Product Enforcer Products, Inc. liquid
Zep Oven and Grill Cleaner-02/28/2002-Old Product ZepInc aerosol
AFM SafeChoice Super Clean American Formulating & Manufacturing (AFM) liquid