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List of 87 Brands

Brand Name
Twinkle Professional Strength Glass Cleaner, Aerosol-09/22/2016-Old Product
Malco Products aerosol
Behold Glass Cleaner, Aerosol-08/27/2018
Nakoma Products, LLC. aerosol
Focus GC 55, Glass & Window Cleaner, Professional Use-04/15/2015
American Cleaning Solutions liquid
Gunk Glass Cleaner, Streak Free GC33, Pump Spray-03/25/2020
Radiator Specialty Co. pump spray
Hope's Perfect Glass, Pump Spray-10/29/2019
Hope Company, Inc., The pump spray
Jungle Jake Glass & Surface Cleaner, 102004, Pump Spray-10/12/2017
Stearns Packaging Corporation pump spray
Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner G190719, Aerosol-04/25/2019
Meguiars, Inc. aerosol
Nanoskin Crystal Clear, VOC Free Glass Cleaner-12/24/2015
Nanoskin Car Care Products liquid
Nanoskin Shake N' Clean, Spot-Free Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-12/24/2015
Nanoskin Car Care Products pump spray
Twinkle Professional Strength Glass Cleaner 525418, Aerosol-02/24/2020
Malco Products aerosol
Valley View Window Cleaner, 1006622-10/12/2017
Stearns Packaging Corporation liquid

Armor All, Glass Wipes-01/20/2015-Old Product

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes

Amway Home Legacy of Clean, Glass Cleaner Refill-05/09-2018

Amway Corporation liquid

Armor All, Auto Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-11/18/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray

Armor All, Extreme Shield +Ceramic, Glass Treatment & Cleaner, Aerosol-12/03/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) aerosol

Armor All, Glass Cleaner With Anti-Fog Wipes-03/02/2014

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes

Armor All, Glass Wipes-10/21/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes

Armor All, Ultra Shine, 3-In-1 Formula, Total Vehicle Detailer, Pump Spray-12/03/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray

Eagle One 20/20 Glass Cleaner, Fresh Mint Scent, Pump Spray-06/12/2017

Eagle One Industries/Energizer Holdings pump spray

Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner, Sparkling Seaside Scent, Pump Spray-10/23/2018

Seventh Generation, Inc. pump spray

Blue Magic Streak Free Crystal Clear Foaming Glass Cleaner 910-06, Aerosol-06/02/2017

Blue Magic Products, Inc. aerosol

Champion Sprayon Green World N Glass Cleaner 4385906, Aerosol-10/20/2014

Chase Products Co. aerosol

Meguiars Water Spot Remover, A3714-11/29/2016

Meguiars, Inc. liquid

Purple Power Prime-Shine Auto Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-03/30/2015

Aiken Chemical Company pump spray

Sparkle Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-04/25/2014

Funk & Co., AJ pump spray

Sprayway Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, SW-043, Aerosol-05/30/2015

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Clinging Spray, Ammonia Free, Pump Spray-03/21/2019

Sprayway Inc. pump spray

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Foaming Action, Ammonia Free, AW0536, Aerosol-04/02/2018

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Wipes, SW199R-02/16/2018

Sprayway Inc. wipes

Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Ammonia Free, AW051R, Aerosol-06/22/2018

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner, SW-050, Aerosol-05/30/2015

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Tint Safe Formula, SW050R, Aerosol-08/14/2017

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Stoner Invisible Glass, Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-06/20/2016

Stoner Inc. (Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off, Inc) pump spray

Surf City Garage Beyond Glass, Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-05/24/2018

Surf City Garage pump spray

Turtle Wax Quick & Easy, Dash & Glass Interior Detailer, Pump Spray-01/22/2018

Turtle Wax, Inc. pump spray

Weiman Glass Cleaner 10, Aerosol, Professional Use-03/11/2015

Weiman Products Co. (Div. PurposeBuilt Brands) aerosol
Natures Source Windex Glass Cleaner-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. pump spray
Windex Auto Glass & Interior Wipes-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. towelette
Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner, Sparkling Orange-01/03/2006-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. liquid
Windex Outdoor-06/19/2006-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. liquid
Clorox Commercial Solutions Green Works Glass & Surface Cleaner, Professional Use-Old Product Clorox Company, The pump spray
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-06/01/2011-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
6312_Image Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner.jpg
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-08/01/2007-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-09/01/2003-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
Armor All Cleaning Wipes-06/01/2011-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) non-woven wipes
9414_03027163 Image Armor Allr_arm_togoglass_0129.jpg
Armor All On-The-Go Auto Glass Wipes-10/01/2007-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes
6314_Image Armor All On the Go Auto Glass Wipes.jpg
Armor All On-The-Go Auto Glass Wipes-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes
Black Magic Glass Wet-Old Product ITW Global Brands liquid
9126_16025029 Image Crown Windshield Washer Fluid.jpg
Crown Windshield Washer Fluid-Old Product Packaging Service Company liquid
Earth Friendly Products Window Cleaner with Vinegar, Pump Spray-Old Product Earth Friendly Products pump spray
Earth Friendly Products Window Kleener, Pump Spray, Lavender-Old Product Earth Friendly Products pump spray
Glass Mates Glass Cleaning Wipes-08/03/2004-discontinued Reckitt, Inc. (Reckitt Benckiser) towelette
Glass Mates-05/16/2000-Old Product Reckitt, Inc. (Reckitt Benckiser) sheets
8940_13006041 Image NXT Generation Glass Cleaner.jpg
Meguiars NXT Generation Glass Cleaner, G133-Old Product Meguiars, Inc. pump spray
Meguiars Swirl Remover Glass Cleaner-Old Product Meguiars, Inc. liquid
9026_13036005 Image method Best In Glass, Planet Friendly Glass Cleaner, Mint.jpg
Method Best in Glass, Planet Friendly Glass Cleaner, Mint-Old Product Method Products, Inc. pump spray
Nanoskin Crystal-Clear VOC-Free Glass Cleaner-Old Product Nanoskin Car Care Products liquid
PortionPac GlassPac Concentrated Glass Cleaner 1432, Professional Use-Old Product PortionPac Chemical Corporation liquid
10254_01030001 Image Purple Power Auto Glass Cleaner.jpg
Purple Power Auto Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner-Old Product Aiken Chemical Company pump spray
10999_09009047 Image Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner.jpg
Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-Old Product ITW Global Brands pump spray
Rain-X Glass Care 2000-Old Product ITW Global Brands liquid
Rain-X Glass Cleaner Towelettes-Old Product ITW Global Brands sheets
Rain-X Glass Cleaner-Old Product ITW Global Brands liquid
11001_09009049 Image Rain-X Original Glass Treatment.jpg
Rain-X Original Glass Treatment-Old Product ITW Global Brands pump spray
Simple Green Naturals Glass & Surface Care Pump Spray, Rosemary Mint-Old Product Sunshine Makers, Inc. pump spray
7868_image Sprayway Glass Cleaner 050.jpg
Sprayway Glass Cleaner No. 50-Old Product Sprayway Inc. aerosol
7869_19038039 Image Glass Cleaner Wipes.jpg
Sprayway Glass Cleaner Wipes No. 933-Old Product Sprayway Inc. wipes
7870_image Sprayway Glass Cleaner 040.jpg
Sprayway Graphic Arts Glass Cleaner No. 40-Old Product Sprayway Inc. aerosol
Surf City Garage Beyond Glass, Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-Old Product Surf City Garage pump spray
Tuff Stuff Bug Remover, Pump Spray-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
8835_20007009 Turtle Image ClearVue Glas Clnr Jpg.jpg
Turtle Wax Clearvue Professional Glass Cleaner-Old Product Turtle Wax, Inc. liquid
Westleys Glass Cleaner 2-discontinued ITW Global Brands liquid
Westleys Glass Cleaner-06/17/2002-discontinued ITW Global Brands pump spray
Westleys Glass Cleaner-discontinued ITW Global Brands pump spray
Claire Green Glass Cleaner Claire Manufacturing Company liquid
Eagle One 20-20 Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner Valvoline Co., The pump spray
Eagle One EnviroShine Glass Cleaner Valvoline Co., The pump spray
Meguiars NXT Nettoyant Vitres, G13324EU EU Region Meguiars France liquide
Meguiars Professionals Choice Detailer Glass Cleaner Concentrate, D120, Professional Use-12/22/2011 Meguiars, Inc. liquid
Pyroil 50/50 Windshield Washer Fluid-Old Product Valvoline Co., The liquid
Pyroil Glass Cleaner Valvoline Co., The aerosol
8031_Image Pyroil winshield wash conc bottle_bot_WSW-12.jpg
Pyroil Windshield Washer Antifreeze-Old Product Valvoline Co., The liquid
Rain X Glass Care 2000-06/19/2002 ITW Global Brands liquid
SafeNow Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-05/01/2013 SafeNow Products, Inc. pump spray
Snap Glass Cleaner-discontinued Sopus Products aerosol
Zymol Glas, Glass Wash Zymol Enterprises, Inc. liquid