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List of 90 Brands

Brand Name
Twinkle Professional Strength Glass Cleaner, Aerosol-09/22/2016-Old Product
Malco Products aerosol
Behold Glass Cleaner, Aerosol-08/27/2018
Nakoma Products, LLC. aerosol
Focus GC 55, Glass & Window Cleaner, Professional Use-04/15/2015
American Cleaning Solutions liquid
Gunk Glass Cleaner, Streak Free GC33, Pump Spray-03/25/2020
Radiator Specialty Co. pump spray
Hope's Perfect Glass, Pump Spray-10/29/2019
Hope Company, Inc., The pump spray
Jungle Jake Glass & Surface Cleaner, 102004, Pump Spray-10/12/2017
Stearns Packaging Corporation pump spray
Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner G190719, Aerosol-04/25/2019
Meguiars, Inc. aerosol
Nanoskin Crystal Clear, VOC Free Glass Cleaner-12/24/2015
Nanoskin Car Care Products liquid
Nanoskin Shake N' Clean, Spot-Free Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-12/24/2015
Nanoskin Car Care Products pump spray
Twinkle Professional Strength Glass Cleaner 525418, Aerosol-02/24/2020
Malco Products aerosol
Valley View Window Cleaner, 1006622-10/12/2017
Stearns Packaging Corporation liquid

Armor All, Glass Wipes-01/20/2015-Old Product

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes

Amway Home Legacy of Clean, Glass Cleaner Refill-05/09-2018

Amway Corporation liquid

Armor All, Auto Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-11/18/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray

Armor All, Extreme Shield +Ceramic, Glass Treatment & Cleaner, Aerosol-12/03/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) aerosol

Armor All, Glass Cleaner With Anti-Fog Wipes-03/02/2014

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes

Armor All, Glass Wipes-10/21/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes

Armor All, Ultra Shine, 3-In-1 Formula, Total Vehicle Detailer, Pump Spray-12/03/2020

Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray

Eagle One 20/20 Glass Cleaner, Fresh Mint Scent, Pump Spray-06/12/2017

Eagle One Industries/Energizer Holdings pump spray

Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner, Sparkling Seaside Scent, Pump Spray-10/23/2018

Seventh Generation, Inc. pump spray

Blue Magic Streak Free Crystal Clear Foaming Glass Cleaner 910-06, Aerosol-06/02/2017

Blue Magic Products, Inc. aerosol

Champion Sprayon Green World N Glass Cleaner 4385906, Aerosol-10/20/2014

Chase Products Co. aerosol

Meguiars Water Spot Remover, A3714-11/29/2016

Meguiars, Inc. liquid

Purple Power Prime-Shine Auto Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-03/30/2015

Aiken Chemical Company pump spray

Sparkle Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-04/25/2014

Funk & Co., AJ pump spray

Sprayway Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, SW-043, Aerosol-05/30/2015

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Clinging Spray, Ammonia Free, Pump Spray-03/21/2019

Sprayway Inc. pump spray

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Foaming Action, Ammonia Free, AW0536, Aerosol-04/02/2018

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Wipes, SW199R-02/16/2018

Sprayway Inc. wipes

Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Ammonia Free, AW051R, Aerosol-06/22/2018

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner, SW-050, Aerosol-05/30/2015

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Tint Safe Formula, SW050R, Aerosol-08/14/2017

Sprayway Inc. aerosol

Stoner Invisible Glass, Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-06/20/2016

Stoner Inc. (Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off, Inc) pump spray

Surf City Garage Beyond Glass, Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-05/24/2018

Surf City Garage pump spray

Turtle Wax Quick & Easy, Dash & Glass Interior Detailer, Pump Spray-01/22/2018

Turtle Wax, Inc. pump spray

Weiman Glass Cleaner 10, Aerosol, Professional Use-03/11/2015

Weiman Products Co. (Div. PurposeBuilt Brands) aerosol
Natures Source Windex Glass Cleaner-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. pump spray
Windex Auto Glass & Interior Wipes-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. towelette
Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner, Sparkling Orange-01/03/2006-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. liquid
Windex Outdoor-06/19/2006-Old Product SC Johnson, Inc. liquid
Clorox Commercial Solutions Green Works Glass & Surface Cleaner, Professional Use-Old Product Clorox Company, The pump spray
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-06/01/2011-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
6312_Image Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner.jpg
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-08/01/2007-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-09/01/2003-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
Armor All Cleaning Wipes-06/01/2011-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) non-woven wipes
9414_03027163 Image Armor Allr_arm_togoglass_0129.jpg
Armor All On-The-Go Auto Glass Wipes-10/01/2007-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes
6314_Image Armor All On the Go Auto Glass Wipes.jpg
Armor All On-The-Go Auto Glass Wipes-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) wipes
Black Magic Glass Wet-Old Product ITW Global Brands liquid
9126_16025029 Image Crown Windshield Washer Fluid.jpg
Crown Windshield Washer Fluid-Old Product Packaging Service Company liquid
Earth Friendly Products Window Cleaner with Vinegar, Pump Spray-Old Product Earth Friendly Products pump spray
Earth Friendly Products Window Kleener, Pump Spray, Lavender-Old Product Earth Friendly Products pump spray
Glass Mates Glass Cleaning Wipes-08/03/2004-discontinued Reckitt, Inc. (Reckitt Benckiser) towelette
Glass Mates-05/16/2000-Old Product Reckitt, Inc. (Reckitt Benckiser) sheets
8940_13006041 Image NXT Generation Glass Cleaner.jpg
Meguiars NXT Generation Glass Cleaner, G133-Old Product Meguiars, Inc. pump spray
Meguiars Swirl Remover Glass Cleaner-Old Product Meguiars, Inc. liquid
9026_13036005 Image method Best In Glass, Planet Friendly Glass Cleaner, Mint.jpg
Method Best in Glass, Planet Friendly Glass Cleaner, Mint-Old Product Method Products, Inc. pump spray
Nanoskin Crystal-Clear VOC-Free Glass Cleaner-Old Product Nanoskin Car Care Products liquid
PortionPac GlassPac Concentrated Glass Cleaner 1432, Professional Use-Old Product PortionPac Chemical Corporation liquid
10254_01030001 Image Purple Power Auto Glass Cleaner.jpg
Purple Power Auto Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner-Old Product Aiken Chemical Company pump spray
10999_09009047 Image Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner.jpg
Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray-Old Product ITW Global Brands pump spray
Rain-X Glass Care 2000-Old Product ITW Global Brands liquid
Rain-X Glass Cleaner Towelettes-Old Product ITW Global Brands sheets
Rain-X Glass Cleaner-Old Product ITW Global Brands liquid
11001_09009049 Image Rain-X Original Glass Treatment.jpg
Rain-X Original Glass Treatment-Old Product ITW Global Brands pump spray
Simple Green Naturals Glass & Surface Care Pump Spray, Rosemary Mint-Old Product Sunshine Makers, Inc. pump spray
7868_image Sprayway Glass Cleaner 050.jpg
Sprayway Glass Cleaner No. 50-Old Product Sprayway Inc. aerosol
7869_19038039 Image Glass Cleaner Wipes.jpg
Sprayway Glass Cleaner Wipes No. 933-Old Product Sprayway Inc. wipes
7870_image Sprayway Glass Cleaner 040.jpg
Sprayway Graphic Arts Glass Cleaner No. 40-Old Product Sprayway Inc. aerosol
Surf City Garage Beyond Glass, Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-Old Product Surf City Garage pump spray
Tuff Stuff Bug Remover, Pump Spray-Old Product Armored AutoGroup Inc (Energizer Holdings Inc.) pump spray
8835_20007009 Turtle Image ClearVue Glas Clnr Jpg.jpg
Turtle Wax Clearvue Professional Glass Cleaner-Old Product Turtle Wax, Inc. liquid
Westleys Glass Cleaner 2-discontinued ITW Global Brands liquid
Westleys Glass Cleaner-06/17/2002-discontinued ITW Global Brands pump spray
Westleys Glass Cleaner-discontinued ITW Global Brands pump spray
Claire Green Glass Cleaner Claire Manufacturing Company liquid
CRC Green Force Glass & Surface Cleaner, 14461, Professional Use CRC Industries, Inc. liquid
Eagle One 20-20 Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner Valvoline Co., The pump spray
Eagle One EnviroShine Glass Cleaner Valvoline Co., The pump spray
Green Bucket Glass & Window Cleaner, Professional Use Green Bucket liquid
Meguiars NXT Nettoyant Vitres, G13324EU EU Region Meguiars France liquide
Meguiars Professionals Choice Detailer Glass Cleaner Concentrate, D120, Professional Use-12/22/2011 Meguiars, Inc. liquid
OdoBan Professional Series Earth Choice Glass Cleaner Concentrate, Professional Use Clean Control Corporation liquid
Pyroil 50/50 Windshield Washer Fluid-Old Product Valvoline Co., The liquid
Pyroil Glass Cleaner Valvoline Co., The aerosol
8031_Image Pyroil winshield wash conc bottle_bot_WSW-12.jpg
Pyroil Windshield Washer Antifreeze-Old Product Valvoline Co., The liquid
Rain X Glass Care 2000-06/19/2002 ITW Global Brands liquid
SafeNow Glass & Surface Cleaner, Pump Spray-05/01/2013 SafeNow Products, Inc. pump spray
Snap Glass Cleaner-discontinued Sopus Products aerosol
Zymol Glas, Glass Wash Zymol Enterprises, Inc. liquid