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Other Brands By : US Mix Products Company

U.S. Mix has been acquired by Bonsal American Inc. of Charlotte, NC. Sakrete brand products may be found at http://whatsinproducts.com/manufacturers/view/1/540/Bonsal%20American

Address: 112 S. Santa Fe Drive , Denver , CO , 80223
Telephone: 303-778-7227, 800-397-9903(Toll Free)
Fax: 303-722-8426
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List of 38 Brands

Brand Name
Pakmix Anchor Cement powder  
Pakmix Cement Color, Brown powder  
Pakmix Cement Color, Charcoal powder  
Pakmix Cement Color, Red powder  
Pakmix Cement Color, Tan powder  
Pakmix Cement Fortifier liquid  
Pakmix Concrete Crack Filler liquid  
Pakmix Concrete Glue liquid  
Pakmix Concrete Mix semi-solid  
Pakmix Fast Set Accelerator for Concrete powder  
Pakmix Glass Block Mortar Mix powder  
Pakmix Mortar Mix powder  
Pakmix Non-Shrink Grout powder  
Pakmix Play Sand granules  
Pakmix Post Mix powder  
Pakmix Quick Set Cement powder  
Pakmix Self-Leveling Underlayment powder  
Pakmix Stop Leak (Hydraulic) Cement powder  
Pakmix Tube Sand, Coarse Sand in a Tube for Car Weight and Traction granules  
Pakmix Vinyl Concrete powder  
U.S. Mix All Purpose Gravel-Old Product pellets  
U.S. Mix All Purpose Gravel-12/01/2003 pellets  
U.S. Mix Ezkote Form Release liquid  
U.S. Mix Fence Post Mix pellets  
U.S. Mix Glass Block Mortar-Old Product powder  
U.S. Mix Glass Block Mortar-12/01/2003 powder  
U.S. Mix Multi Purpose Non Shrink Grout powder  
U.S. Mix Multi Purpose Thinset Mortar powder  
U.S. Mix Paver Sand granules  
U.S. Mix Play Sand granules  
U.S. Mix Self Leveling Underlayment powder  
U.S. Mix Slickote liquid  
U.S. Mix Tube Sand granules  
U.S. Mix US SPEC Maxcure Resin Clear HS liquid  
U.S. Mix US SPEC Maxcure Resin, White liquid  
U.S. Mix US SPEC Maxcure, Clear liquid  
U.S. Mix US SPEC No. 7 Form Release liquid  
U.S. Mix Vinyl Concrete powder