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Sorry! ECHA has not published any information for this chemical as of January 1, 2020.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)

Primary Chemical Name :

Primary Chemical Name is the standard name assigned to a chemical substance.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)
CAS Registry Number:

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number is a unique identifier for a chemical and its synonyms. CAS numbers identify the chemical, but not its concentration or specific mixture.  CAS Registry Numbers are assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society. For more information: www.cas.org

We have assigned ID numbers (with 6 leading zeros or nines, e.g., 000000-xx-x or 999999-xx-x) for blends and chemicals that do not have CAS numbers.

EC Number:

The EC Number, formerly known as the EINECS number is a unique 7-digit number (format: xxx-xxx-x) assigned to chemicals registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


Synonyms are alternative names that represent the same chemical substance.

PVP;Crospovidone [INN];Povidone [USAN:BAN:INN];Tolpovidone I 131 [USAN:INN];2-Pyrrolidinone, 1-vinyl-, polymers (8CI)

SVHC is a substance (identified by the European Chemicals Agency) that may have serious and often irreversible effects on human health and the environment. SVHC are defined in Article 57 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (“the REACH Regulation”) and include substances which are:
1.  Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic to Reproduction (CMR), meeting the criteria for classification in category 1 or 2 in accordance with Directive 67/548/EEC or in category 1a or 1b in accordance with EC No 1272/2008This directive was recently replaced by the new EU regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.
2.  Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic (PBT) or very Persistent and very Bioaccumulative (vPvB) according to the criteria in Annex XIII of the REACH Regulation, or
3.  Identified, on a case-by-case basis, from scientific evidence as causing probable serious effects to human health or the environment of an equivalent level of concern as those above (e.g. endocrine disrupters).


Sources for Information on Chemicals

List of 162 Brands that contain this chemical

Product Category
Commercial / Institutional

QuestSpecialty Phenomenal Hospital Disinfectant Deodorant 3100, Aerosol, Professional Use-03/03/2015

aerosol --
Pet Care
Bio Coat Internal and External Stress Defense for Fish liquid --
Kent Marine Professional Pro Tech Coat Marine liquid <50
Kent Water Garden Pro Tech Coat liquid <50
7982_Image BettaSafe.jpg
Tetra Aquarium Betta Safe liquid --
Inside the Home

Carbona Stain Devils No. 6, Grass, Dirt & Makeup-02/07/2017

liquid --
Simple Green Scrubbing Pad-Old Product pad --
Personal Care
Amway Satinique Extra Design Styling Gel gel --

Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Shine Spray-07/01/2015

pump spray --

Aussie Headstrong Volume Spray Gel-03/09/2015

gel --

Aussie Mega Gel-05/21/2015

gel --

Aussie Miraculously Smooth Styling Mousse, Aerosol-06/12/2015

aerosol --
11220_01032002 Image Aveda Smooth InfusionTM Glossing Straightener.jpg
Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener. gel --
8716_10001091 Image Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, Daily Firming.jpg
Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, Daily Firming liquid --
Avon Advance Techniques Medium Hold Hair Spray pump spray --
Avon Glazewear Diamonds Eye Color liquid --
AXE Natural Look Hair Cream With Tea Tree Extract wax --
9628_21010026 Image Axe Paste, Messy Look, Whatever.jpg
Axe Paste, Messy Look, Whatever paste --
9633_21010032 Image Axe Shaggy Look Cream, Laid Back.jpg
Axe Shaggy Look Cream, Laid Back cream --
AXE Spiking Glue, Spiked Up Look wax --

Colgate Optic White Enamel White Toothpaste, Luminous Mint-03/17/2016

paste 5.0-10.0

Colgate Optic White Platinum Express White Toothpaste, Fresh Mint-01/08/2016

paste 10.0-20.0

Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact White Toothpaste-03/03/2016

paste 5.0-10.0

Colgate Optic White Platinum Lasting White Toothpaste, Cool Mint-03/03/2016

paste 5.0-10.0

Colgate Optic White Sparkling White Toothpaste, Sparkling Mint-03/03/2016

paste 5.0-10.0
8219_16003909 Image Creamy Nat fresh_complexion_under_eye_concealer_1.jpg
Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Concealer, Creamy Natural-11/01/2007 liquid --
8279_16003742 Image Nat beige fresh_complexion_under_eye_concealer_1.jpg
Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Concealer, Natural Beige-11/01/2007 liquid --
8280_16003743 Image Soft honey fresh_complexion_under_eye_concealer_1.jpg
Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Concealer, Soft Honey-11/01/2007 liquid --
Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner Pen, All Shades liquid --
8202_16003761 Image lineexact_liquid_liner_2.jpg
Cover Girl Liquid Pencil Felt Tip Eyeliner-11/01/2007 pencil --
9281_16030258 Cover Girl outlast_lipstain_lipstick_2.jpg
Cover Girl Outlast LipStain semi-solid --

Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips, Teeth Whitening Kit-08/13/2015

solid --

Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips, Teeth Whitening Kit-08/13/2015

solid --

Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1-Hour Express, Teeth Whitening Kit-08/13/2015

solid --

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Classic Vivid, Teeth Whitening Kit-08/13/2015

solid --

Crest Sensi-Stop Strips-08/13/2015

solid --
Dep Extra Super Control Water Based Gel gel --
Dep Root Boost Volumizer for Maximum Lift gel --

Dove Men+Care Control Gel-05/04/2017

gei --

Edge Shave Gel, Extra Moisturizing with Vitamin E, Aerosol-11/16/2015

aerosol --

Edge Shave Gel, Extra Protection, Aerosol-11/16/2015

aerosol --

Edge Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin with Aloe, Aerosol-11/16/2015

aerosol --

Edge Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin, Aerosol-11/16/2015

aerosol --

Edge Shave Gel, Soothing Aloe, Aerosol-11/16/2015

aerosol --

Edge Ultimate Achiever Shave Gel, Aerosol-11/16/2015

aerosol --

Edge Ultimate Contender Shave Gel, Aerosol-11/16/2015

aerosol --

got2b Spiked-Up Max Control Styling Gel-10/21/2014

gel 1.0-5.0
11310_20010001 Image TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Extra Extra Straight Hair Straightener Level 4.jpg
TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Extra Extra Straight Hair Straightener Level 4 aerosol --
8479_16030076 Image Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel.jpg
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curls Scrunching Gel gel --
Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel liquid --

Herbal Essences, Bio Renew, Moisture, In-The-Shower, Foam Conditioner, Rosemary & Herbs, Aerosol-07/11/2017

aerosol --

Herbal Essences, Bio Renew, Refresh, In-The-Shower Foam Conditioner, Blue Ginger, Aerosol-07/11/2017

aerosol --

Herbal Essences, Bio Renew, Refresh, In-The-Shower, Foam Conditioner, Blue Ginger, Aerosol-07/11/2017

aerosol --

Herbal Essences, Bio Renew, Sheer Moisture, In-The-Shower Foam Conditioner, Cucumber & Green Tea, Aerosol-02/23/2017

aerosol --

Herbal Essences, Bio Renew, Sheer Moisture, In-The-Shower, Foam Conditioner, Cucumber & Green Tea, Aerosol-02/23/2017

aerosol --

Herbal Essences, Bio Renew, Volume, In-The Shower, Foam Conditioner, White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint, Aerosol-02/23/2017

aerosol --
Heron Blue Kajal Mascara liquid --
8864_10011001 Image John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Style Satin Shine Finishing Creme.jpg
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Finishing Creme, Satin Shine cream --
8487_16030084 Image Pampers Kandoo Handsoap, Magic Melon.jpg
Kandoo Foaming Handsoap by Pampers, All Fragrances liquid --
LA Looks Extra Super Hold gel --
LA Looks Gelz Mousse Extra Super Hold and Body aerosol --
Nexxus Gorgeous Curls Curl Enhancing Foam Styler aerosol --
Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisturizing Leave-In Spray aerosol --
Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam Styler aerosol --
Nexxus Sublime Volume Luscious Volumizing Conditioner liquid --
Nexxus VersaStyler Artistic Designing Lotion liquid --

Old Spice Forge Molding Putty-02/10/2015

cream --

Old Spice Unruly Paste-02/10/2015

cream --

Orajel Mouth Sore Triple Medicated Gel-01/04/2016

gel --

Pantene Pro-V Style Series Curl Scrunching Spray Gel-05/22/2015

liquid --

Pantene Pro-V Style Series Curl Sculpting Gel-05/22/2015

gel --

Pantene Pro-V Style Series Maximum Hold Mousse, Aerosol-03/06/2015

aerosol --

Pantene Pro-V Style Series Volume Body Boosting Mousse, Aerosol-03/06/2015

aerosol --

Pantene Pro-V Style Series Volume Root Lifting Spray Gel-05/22/2015

pump spray --

Skintimate Signature Scents Mandarin Burst Shave Gel, Vitamin E and Olive Butter, Aerosol-08/05/2015

aerosol --

Skintimate SignatureScents Moisturizing Shave Gel, Flirty Mango with Vitamin E and Olive Butter, Aerosol-08/05/2015

aerosol --

Skintimate SignatureScents Moisturizing Shave Gel, Raspberry Rain, with Vitamin E and Olive Butter, Aerosol-08/05/2015

aerosol --

Skintimate SignatureScents Moisturizing Shave Gel, Strawberry Tangerine Twist, with Vitamin E & Olive Butter, Aerosol-08/05/2015

aerosol --

Skintimate Skin Therapy Shave Gel, Moisturizing, Lotionized, Silky Skin, Aerosol-08/05/2015

aerosol --

Skintimate SkinTherapy Moisturizing Shave Gel, Baby Soft, Aerosol-08/05/2015

aerosol --

Skintimate SkinTherapy Moisturizing Shave Gel, Dry Skin, Aerosol-08/05/2015

aerosol --
Suave Men Styling Gel, Firm Hold gel --
Suave Men Styling Paste paste --
Suave Men Styling Pomade paste --
Suave Naturals Conditioner, Daily Clarifying liquid --

TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Conditioner-05/02/2016

liquid --

TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Shampoo-04/27/2016

liquid --

TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Volume Amplifying Mousse, Aerosol-05/19/2016

aerosol --

TRESemmé Flawless Curls Curl Defining Gel-05/04/2017

gel --

TRESemmé Flawless Curls Mousse, Aerosol-05/19/2016

aerosol --

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse, Aerosol-05/19/2016

aerosol --

TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Gel-05/04/2017

gel --

TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Mousse, Aerosol-05/19/2016

aerosol --

TRESemmé Tres Two Mega Sculpting Gel-05/04/2017

gel --

TRESemmé Tres Two Ultra Firm Control Gel-05/04/2017

gel --
TRESemme 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray liquid --
TRESemme Flawless Curls, Bouncy Curls Defines & Holds, Gel liquid --
TRESemme Moisture Rich, Vitamin E Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair liquid --
TRESemme Volumizing Mousse aerosol --

Truly Radiant by Arm & Hammer Whitening and Enamel Strengthening Fluoride toothpaste, Mint-07/30/2015

paste --
Amway Satinique Smooth Moves Shaping Creme-discontinued cream --
Amway Satinique Volumising Mousse, Aerosol-discontinued aerosol --
Aussie DewPlex Conditioner and Styler in 1-Old Product liquid --
Aussie Mega Spray Gel-09/11/2002-Old Product pump spray --
Aussie Mega Spray Gel-Old Product pump spray --
Aussie Mega Styling Spray, Aerosol-Old Product aerosol --
Aussie Natural Gel-Old Product gel --
Aussie Real Volume Leave In Volumizer-Old Product pump spray --
Aussie Real Volume Shampoo-Old Product liquid --
8612_16030207 Image Aussie Sydney Tizz no Frizz gel.jpg
Aussie Sydney Smooth Tizz No Frizz Gel-Old Product gel --
Clairol Herbal Essences Conditioner-Fine/Limp Hair-06/27/2002-Old Product liquid --
Clairol Intensive Blends Moisturizing Conditioner for Normal Hair-Old Product liquid --
Clairol Intensive Blends Nourishing Creme Leave-In for All Hair Types-Old Product liquid --
Clairol Intensive Blends Protecting Conditioner for Colored/Permed Hair-Old Product liquid --
Clairol Intensive Blends Replenishing Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair-Old Product liquid --
Clairol Loving Care Haircolor, Level 1, Dark Warm Brown 82-Old Product kit Conditioner
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, Anticavity Fluoride, Cool Mild Mint-Old Product paste --
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, Fluoride, Enamel White, Luminous Mint-Old Product paste --
Condition 3 in 1 Maximum Hold Gel-Old Product gel --
Cover Girl Continuous Wear Natural Make Up-Old Product liquid --
Cover Girl Liquid Pencil-Old Product felt tip pencil --
Cover Girl Shimmer Eye Pen-Old Product pencil --
CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Under Eye Concealer, Creamy Natural-Old Product liquid --
CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Under Eye Concealer, Natural Beige-Old Product liquid --
CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Under Eye Concealer, Soft Honey-Old Product liquid --
Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects-Old Product strips --
11142_16030295 Image Crest 3D White Whitestrips, Gentle Routine Dental Whitening Kit.jpg
Crest 3D White Whitestrips, Gentle Routine Dental Whitening Kit-Old Product plastic strips --
Daily Renewal 5X Refresh Conditioner-Old Product cream --
Daily Renewal 5X Replenishing Conditioner For Dry Or Damaged Hair-Old Product cream --
Daily Renewal 5X Revitalizing Conditioner For Colored Or Permed Hair-Old Product cream --
Daily Renewal 5X Volumizing Conditioner For Fine Hair-Old Product cream --
Dove Hair Therapy Style+Care Nourishing Curls, Whipped Cream Mousse, Aerosol-Old Product aerosol --
9365_19001388 Image Edge Active Care Advanced Shave Gel, Soothing Aloe.jpg
Edge Advanced Shave Gel, Soothing Aloe-04/30/2009-Old Product gel --
Edge Pro Gel Extra Moisturizing-discontinued gel --
Edge Pro Gel Extra Protection-discontinued gel --
Edge Pro Gel Shaving Gel Sensitive Skin with Aloe-discontinued gel --
Edge Pro Gel Shaving Gel, Normal Skin Formula-discontinued gel --
Edge Pro Gel Tough Beard-discontinued gel --
Edge Skin Conditioner Shave Gel-discontinued gel --
9284_16030261 Image gillette-style-flex-gel.jpg
Gillette Style Flex Gel-Old Product gel --
9285_16030262 Image gillette-style-precision-putty-thumb.jpg
Gillette Style Precision Putty-Old Product solid --
Imina Restructuring Serum Leave In Conditioner-Old Product liquid --
Infusium 23 Conditioner, Revitalizing for Color/Permed Hair-Old Product liquid --
Infusium 23 Hair Conditioner Revitilize Normal/Dry-Old Product liquid --
Pantene Pro V Essentials, Daily Strengthening Complex-2-Old Product paste --
8529_16030127 Image Pantene Pro-V Style Scrunching Gel, Curl Defining, Extra Strong Hold.jpg
Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Scrunching Gel, Extra Strong Hold-Old Product gel --
Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Style Curl Enhancing Spray Gel-Old Product gel --
Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Mousse, Maximum Hold-Old Product aerosol --
8554_16030149 Image Pantene Pro-V Texturize! Defining Pomade, Texture & Shine.jpg
Pantene Pro-V Texture and Shine Defining Pomade-Old Product liquid --
9396_19001425 Image Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Energizing Citrus.jpg
Skintimate Aroma Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel, Energizing Citrus-Old Product gel --
9397_19001426 Image Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Soothing Lavender.jpg
Skintimate Aroma Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel, Soothing Lavender-Old Product gel --
Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Baby Soft-Old Product gel --
Skintimate Shave Gel, Fresh-Old Product aerosol --
Skintimate Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin-Old Product aerosol --
Skintimate Shave Gel, Ultra Protection-discontinued aerosol --
9402_19001431 Image Skintimate Signature Scents Moisturizing Shave Gel with Vitamin E, Flirty Mango.jpg
Skintimate Signature Scents, Moisturizing Shave Gel, Flirty Mango-Old Product gel --
9400_19001429 Image Skintimate Signature Scents Moisturizing Shave Gel, Melon Burst.jpg
Skintimate Signature Scents, Moisturizing Shave Gel, Melon Burst-Old Product gel --
9401_19001430 Image Skintimate Signature Scents Moisturizing Shave Gel, Raspberry Rain.jpg
Skintimate Signature Scents, Moisturizing Shave Gel, Raspberry Rain-Old Product gel --
9403_19001432 Image Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Strawberry Tangerine.jpg
Skintimate Signature Scents, Moisturizing Shave Gel, Strawberry Tangerine Twist-Old Product gel --
9404_19001433 Image Skintimate Shave Gel Tropical Splash.jpg
Skintimate Signature Scents, Moisturizing Shave Gel, Tropical Splash-Old Product gel --
9512_19001463 Image Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Dry Skin.jpg
Skintimate Skin Therapy Lotionized Moisturizing Shave Gel, Dry Skin-04/14/2009-Old Product aerosol --
9405_19001434 Image Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Baby Soft.jpg
Skintimate Skin Therapy, Moisturizing Shave Gel, Baby Soft-Old Product gel --