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Sorry! ECHA has not published any information for this chemical as of January 1, 2020.


Primary Chemical Name :

Primary Chemical Name is the standard name assigned to a chemical substance.

CAS Registry Number: 000121-75-5
EC Number:

Synonyms are alternative names that represent the same chemical substance.


The EC Number, formerly known as the EINECS number is a unique 7-digit number (format: xxx-xxx-x) assigned to chemicals registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

((Dimethoxyphosphinothioyl)thio)butanedioic acid diethyl ester; Butanedioic acid, ((dimethoxyphosphinothioyl)-thio)-, diethyl ester, (+-)-; Butanedioic acid, ((dimethoxyphosphinothioyl)thio)-, diethyl ester; Camathion;Carbethoxy malathion; Carbetovur; Carbetox; Carbofos; Carbophos; Chemathion; Cimexan; Cythion; Detmol MA; Dicarboethoxyethyl O,O-dimethyl phosphorodithioate; Diethyl ((dimethoxyphosphinothioyl)thio)butanedioate; Diethyl (+-)-mercaptosuccinate, S-ester with O,O-dimethyl phosphorodithioate; Diethyl (dimethoxyphosphinothioylthio)succinate; Diethyl mercaptosuccinate S-ester with O,O-dimethylphosphorodithioate; Diethyl mercaptosuccinate, O,O-dimethyl dithiophosphate, S-ester; Diethyl(dimethoxythiophosphorylthio)succinate; Dithiophosphate de O,O-dimethyle et de S-(1,2-dicarboethoxyethyle); Dorthion; Emmatos Extra; Ethiolacar; Etiol; Extermathion; Flair; Forthion; Fosfothion; Fosfotion; Fyfanon; Hilthion; Karbofos; Kop-thion; Kypfos; Malacide; Malafor; Malagran; Malakill; Malamar; Malaphos; Malasol; Malaspray; Malataf; Malathiazol; Malathon; Malathyl; Malation; Malatol; Malatox; Maldison; Malmed; Malphos; Mercaptosuccinic acid diethyl ester; Mercaptothion; Mercaptotion; Moscarda; Oleophosphothion; Ortho malathion; Ovide; Phosphorodithioic acid, O,O-dimethyl ester, S-ester with diethyl mercaptosuccinate; Phosphothion; Prioderm; Sadofos; Sadophos; Sumitox; Taskil
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List of 24 Brands that contain this chemical

Product Category
Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate-03/06/2013-Old Product liquid 6.0

Bonide, A Complete Fruit Tree Spray, Concentrate-07/14/2017

liquid 6.0

Bonide Malathion Insect Control, Concentrate-09/20/2016

liquid 50.0
Hi-Yield 55 Percent Malathion Spray-05/11/2012 liquid 55.0
Ortho MAX Malathion Insect Spray Concentrate-10/30/2014 liquid 25.0-50.0

Ortho MAX Malathion Insect Spray Concentrate-12/04/2015

liquid 50.0
Real Kill Malathion Insect Killer Spray Concentrate liquid 50
7697_Image Schultz Malathion Concentrate.jpg
Schultz Malathion Concentrate liquid 50

Spectracide Malathion Insect Spray Concentrate-06/08/2016

liquid 50.0
Bonide Complete Rose Spray II-Old Product liquid 6
Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate-01/14/2002-Old Product liquid --
Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate-1/14/2002-Old Product liquid 6.00
Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate-Old Product liquid 3.0
Bonide Insecticide Miticide Fungicide-Old Product liquid 6.00
Bonide Malathion 50 Percent Insect Control-Old Product liquid 0.5
Bonide Rose and Flower Spray or Dust-Old Product powder 3.0
Bonide Rose RX Insect & Disease Control (Ready to Use)-Old Product spray 3.00
Dexol Malathion Insect Control-Old Product liquid 50.0
Malathion Concentrate-Old Product liquid 50
Ortho Home Orchard Spray-Old Product powder 7.5
Ortho Malathion 50 Plus Insect Spray Concentrate-Old Product liquid 50
Ortho Malathion Plus Insect Spray Concentrate-Old Product liquid 50
Spectracide Malathion Insect Spray Concentrate-Old Product liquid 50
Spectracide Malathion Insect Spray, Concentrate-07/06/2012-Old Product liquid 50.0