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Sorry! ECHA has not published any information for this chemical as of January 1, 2020.

D&C Red #30

Primary Chemical Name :

Primary Chemical Name is the standard name assigned to a chemical substance.

D&C Red #30
CAS Registry Number: 002379-74-0
EC Number:

Synonyms are alternative names that represent the same chemical substance.


The EC Number, formerly known as the EINECS number is a unique 7-digit number (format: xxx-xxx-x) assigned to chemicals registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

6-Chloro-2-(6-chloro-4-methyl-3-oxobenzo(b)thien-2(3H)-ylidene)-4- -methylbenzo(b)thiophen-3(2H)-one Benzo(b)thiophen-3(2H)-one, 6-chloro-2-(6-chloro-4-methyl-3-oxobenzo(b)thien-2(3H)-ylidene)-4- -methyl-; 11484 Red; 5,5'-Dichloro-3,3'-dimethyl-thioindigo; Ahcovat Pink FFD; Ahcovat Printing Pink FF; Amanthrene Pink FF; Amanthrene Pink FFD; Amanthrene Pink FFWP; C.I. 73360; Calcoloid Pink FFC Calcoloid Pink FFD; Calcoloid Pink FFRP; Calcoloid Printing Pink FFE; Calcophyl Red FF; Calophyl Pink ZFF; Chemithrene Brilliant Pink R; Ciba Brilliant Pink FR; Ciba Pink FF; D & C Red No. 30; D and C Red No. 30; D&C Red No. 30; Daltolite Pink FF; Durindone Pink FF; Durindone Pink FF-FA; Durindone Printing Pink FF; Fast Pink Y; Fenanthren Brilliant Pink R; Fenanthren Pink R Spura; Fenidon Pink R; Helanthrene Brilliant Pink R; Helanthrene Pink R; Helindon Pink R; Helindone Pink CN; Hostavat; Brilliant Pink R; Indanthren Brilliant Pink R; Indanthren Brilliant Pink RB; Indanthren Brilliant Pink RP; Indanthren Brilliant Pink RS; Lithosol Fast Pink SVP; Mikethrene Brilliant Pink R; Nihonthrene Brilliant Pink R; Nyanthrene Brilliant Pink R; Oralith Brilliant Pink R Palanthrene Brilliant Pink R; Paradone Brilliant PNK R; Permanent Pink; Romantrene Brilliant Pink FR; Sandothrene Brilliant Pink IR; Sandothrene Brilliant Pink R; Solanthrene Brilliant Pink R; Solanthrene Brilliant Pink RF; Thioindigo Brilliant Pink ZH; Thioindigo Brilliant Pink ZHP; Tina; Brilliant Pink R; Tyrian Brilliant Pink I-R; Vat Pink FF; Vat Printing Pink FF; Vat Red 1

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List of 35 Brands that contain this chemical

Product Category
Personal Care
Aquafresh Advanced 2X Enamel Strengthening Action Fluoride Toothpaste, Fresh Mint Deep Strengthenin paste --
Aquafresh All Tartar Control Toothpaste paste/tube --
Aquafresh Cavity Protection, Triple Protection Fluoride Toothpaste, Cool Mint Triple Protection paste --
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Extreme Clean Pure Breath Fluoride Toothgel, Fresh Mint gel --
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action Fluoride Toothpaste, Mint Blast paste --
Aquafresh Kids Cavity Protection Toothpaste, Bubblemint paste --
Aquafresh Multi Action Whitening Toothpaste paste/tube --
Aquafresh Sensitive Toothpaste paste/tube --
Aquafresh Toothpaste paste/tube --
Aquafresh Toothpaste, Deep Action Extreme Clean With Micro-Active Foaming Action paste --
Aquafresh Toothpaste, Extra Fresh Whitening paste --
Avon Color Trend Valentines Day Nail Enamel viscous liquid --
Avon Foot Works Beautiful Overnight Renewing Foot Cream cream --
11229_01022088 Image Avon Nail Experts Vitamin C Cuticle Gel.jpg
Avon Nail Experts Vitamin C Cuticle Gel gel --
11230_01022089 Image Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel.jpg
Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel liquid --
11251_01022110 Image Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick.jpg
Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick solid --
11252_01022111 Image Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick SPF 15.jpg
Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick SPF 15 solid --
AXE Fever Shower Gel, Brazilian Hot Mud + Red Dragonfruit Extract gel --
9648_21010044 Image Caress Evenly Gorgeous, Exfoliating Beauty Bar, Burnt Brown Sugar & Karite Butter.jpg
Caress Evenly Gorgeous, Exfoliating Beauty Bar, Burnt Brown Sugar and Karite Butter solid --
9649_21010046 Image Caress Exoliating Beauty Bar, Tahitian Renewal 4.25oz Bars.jpg
Caress Exfoliating Renewal Beauty Bar, Tahitian solid --
8204_16003763 Image outlast_all_day_lipcolor_1Base.jpg
Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lip Color Basecoat-10/01/2007 wax --
Cover Girl Queen Collection Lip Gloss, All Shades cream --
8211_16003775 Image outlast_smoothwear_all_day_lipliner_2.jpg
Cover Girl Smoothers Lipliner-11/01/2007 solid --
Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash, Deep Clean liquid --

Dove Men+Care Deep Clean+ Face Scrub-07/20/2016

liquid --
Pepsodent Junior EU Region liitä --
Ponds Luminous Clean Daily Exfoliating Cleanser cream --

Softsoap Kitchen Fresh Hands Odor Neutralizing Liquid Hand Soap with Citrus Extracts-04/05/2016

liquid --

Solutions Plus, Pink Velvet Deluxe, Lotion Hand Soap, Professional Use-01/15/2016

liquid --
Ultima II Nourishing Stick Blush, Rosewood solid --
Dove Hair Therapy Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner-Old Product liquid --
9667_21010078 Image Dove Pro-Age Beauty Bar, for Vital Luminous Skin.jpg
Dove Pro-Age Beauty Bar for Vital Luminous Skin-Old Product solid --
10231_03005091 Image Nair Hair Remover, Exfoliator.jpg
Nair Hair Remover Exfoliator-Old Product cream --
Softsoap Odor Neutralizing Hand Soap, Kitchen Fresh Hands-Old Product liquid --
Softsoap Odor Neutralizing Kitchen Fresh Hands Hand Soap-Old Product liquid --