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Sorry! ECHA has not published any information for this chemical as of January 1, 2020.

Cleaning agent(s)

Primary Chemical Name :

Primary Chemical Name is the standard name assigned to a chemical substance.

Cleaning agent(s)
CAS Registry Number: 999999-47-1
EC Number:

Synonyms are alternative names that represent the same chemical substance.


The EC Number, formerly known as the EINECS number is a unique 7-digit number (format: xxx-xxx-x) assigned to chemicals registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


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List of 68 Brands that contain this chemical

Product Category
Pet Care

Espree Natural Energee Plus Cat Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Hypo Allergenic Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Puppy Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Purr N Natural Foaming Cat Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Rainforest Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Silky Show Cat Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Silky Show Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Natural Simple Shed Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

Espree Tea Tree & Aloe Medicated Shampoo-10/15/2015

liquid --

TropiClean Aimable Pet Shampoo, Agua de Coco Scent-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Aimable Pet Shampoo, Mango & Coconut Scent-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Aimable Pet Shampoo, Sweet Pea & Coconut Scent-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Aloe & Coconut Pet Shampoo, Oatmeal, Vitamin E-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Awapuhi & Coconut Pet Shampoo, Blueberry, Mallow, Oatmeal-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Berry & Coconut Pet Shampoo, Oatmeal, Raspberry, Vitamin E-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Deep Cleaning Waterless Shampoo, No Rinse Formula-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Gentle Coconut Puppy Shampoo, Oatmeal, Aloe-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Hypoallergenic Waterless Shampoo, No Rinse Formula-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Lime & Coconut Pet Shampoo, Oatmeal, Vitamin B5, Omega 3 & 6-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Neem & Citrus Pet Shampoo, Citrus, Oatmeal, Neem-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Oatmeal & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean OxiMed Anti-Itch Oatmeal Shampoo-01/01/2015

liquid --

TropiClean Papaya & Coconut Pet Shampoo and Conditioner, Kiwi, Chamomile, Oatmeal-02/01/2016

liquid --

TropiClean Spa Lavish Fresh Pet Shampoo, Cucumber and Oatmeal-02/01/2015

liquid --
Inside the Home
9593_16027014 Image AJAX 2X Ultra Liquid Detergent with Bleach Alternative.jpg
Ajax 2X Ultra Liquid Detergent with Bleach Alternative liquid --
9592_16027013 Image Dynamo 2X Laundry Detergent, Concentrated, Sunrise Fresh.jpg
Dynamo 2X Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent, Sunrise Fresh liquid --
9591_16027012 Image Dynamo 2X Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent, Waterfall Fresh.jpg
Dynamo 2X Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent, Waterfall liquid --
9590_16027011 Image Fab Spring Magic 2X Liquid Detergent.jpg
Fab 2X Spring Magic Liquid Detergent liquid --

Miracle Sealants Hardwood & Bamboo Floor Cleaner, Pump Spray-01/16/2024

pump spray 1.0-2.5

Scotch-Brite Scratch-Free Rejuvenating Glass Cooktop Polish, (952-CT)-09/16/2019

liquid 1.0-5.0

Scotchgard Glass Cleaner & Protector, Pump Spray-01/28/2015

pump spray --

Scotchgard Premium Countertop Cleaner & Protector, Pump Spray-07/21/2016

pump spray --
Shodhani Gentle Action Laundry Detergent Powder powder --
9595_16027016 Image All Sunlight Dish Wash Liquid Scents.jpg
Sun Light Dish Wash Liquid, Regular Strength, All Fragrances liquid --
9596_16027019 Image Sun Light Extra Ultra Dishwashing Liquid.jpg
Sun Light Ultra Dish Wash Liquid, Concentrated, All Fragrances liquid --
Thali Automatic Dishwasher Detergent granules --
All Ultra Laundry Detergent Powder-discontinued powder --
Bold Laundry Detergent Powder-Old Product powder --
Bold Plus Laundry Detergent Powder-Old Product powder --
Bold Plus with Fabric Softener-Old Product liquid --
Cascade Automatic Dishwashing Liquigel-Old Product gel --
9278_Image Cascade Complete All in 1 Dishwasher Detergent.jpg
Cascade Complete All in One Phosphate-Free Gel, Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, All Scents-Old Product gel --
Cascade Dishwasher Detergent-Old Product granules --
Cascade with Sheeting Action-Old Product powder --
Cheer Ultra Laundry Detergent with Bleach-Old Product powder --
Cheer with Triple Color Guard-Old Product powder --
Comet Disinfectant Cleanser with Chlorinol-Old Product powder --
Comet Disinfectant Powder Cleanser-Old Product powder --
Comet Limescale Remover-Old Product liquid --
Comet Liquid Bathroom Spray Cleaner-Old Product liquid --
Comet MultiRoom Liquid Gel Cleanser with Bleach-Old Product gel --
Comet with Bleach Liquid Cleaner-Old Product liquid --
Comet with Bleach Liquid Gel Cleanser-Old Product viscous liquid --
Dawn Manual Pot and Pan Detergent (Professional Line)-Old Product liquid --
Dawn Power Dissolver-Old Product viscous liquid --
Dryel Dry Clean Only Fabric Care Kit and Refill-6/1/2003-Old Product liquid/pads/cloth --
Dryel Dry Clean Only Fabric Care Kit and Refill-Old Product liquid/pads/cloth --
Gain Ultra Laundry Detergent Powder-Old Product powder --
Gain Ultra-Old Product liquid --
Tide Free Ultra 2-Old Product powder --
Tide Laundry Detergent Powder-Old Product powder --
8584_16030179 Image Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover.jpg
Tide To Go StainPen, Instant Stain Remover-Old Product liquid --
Tide Ultra 2 with Bleach-Old Product powder --
Wisk Stain Dissolving Power 50 Fl. Oz.-discontinued liquid --
Personal Care
Aosept Clear Care, No Rub Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution for Contact Lenses liquid --
Auto Products
8304_16003844 Image Mr clean autodry car wash.jpg
Mr Clean Autodry Carwash Soap-02/01/2007-Old Product liquid --
Mr. Clean Autodry Carwash Refill Soap 20 oz. liquid --