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Sorry! ECHA has not published any information for this chemical as of January 1, 2020.

D&C Orange #4 (C.I. 15510)

Primary Chemical Name :

Primary Chemical Name is the standard name assigned to a chemical substance.

D&C Orange #4 (C.I. 15510)
CAS Registry Number:

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number is a unique identifier for a chemical and its synonyms. CAS numbers identify the chemical, but not its concentration or specific mixture.  CAS Registry Numbers are assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society. For more information: www.cas.org

We have assigned ID numbers (with 6 leading zeros or nines, e.g., 000000-xx-x or 999999-xx-x) for blends and chemicals that do not have CAS numbers.

EC Number:

The EC Number, formerly known as the EINECS number is a unique 7-digit number (format: xxx-xxx-x) assigned to chemicals registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


Synonyms are alternative names that represent the same chemical substance.

C.I. Acid Orange 7, monosodium salt;Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-((2-hydroxy-1-naphthalenyl)azo)-, monosodium salt;CI 15510;D & C Orange no. 4;Orange ii; Orange 4; C.I. 15510

SVHC is a substance (identified by the European Chemicals Agency) that may have serious and often irreversible effects on human health and the environment. SVHC are defined in Article 57 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (“the REACH Regulation”) and include substances which are:
1.  Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic to Reproduction (CMR), meeting the criteria for classification in category 1 or 2 in accordance with Directive 67/548/EEC or in category 1a or 1b in accordance with EC No 1272/2008This directive was recently replaced by the new EU regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.
2.  Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic (PBT) or very Persistent and very Bioaccumulative (vPvB) according to the criteria in Annex XIII of the REACH Regulation, or
3.  Identified, on a case-by-case basis, from scientific evidence as causing probable serious effects to human health or the environment of an equivalent level of concern as those above (e.g. endocrine disrupters).


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List of 64 Brands that contain this chemical

Product Category
Commercial / Institutional

Lysol IC Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner, Professional Use-08/22/2019

liquid --
Pet Care
8 in 1 Perfect Coat Select Antibacterial Deodorizing Shampoo- liquid --
6568_Image 8 in 1 Perfect Coat Shampoos for Dogs.jpg
8 in 1 Perfect Coat Tender Care Puppy Shampoo liquid --
Inside the Home

Finish GelPacs, Orange Scent-08/09/2015

pods --

Lysol Brand Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner, Hawaii Sunset Essence-05/11/2017

liquid --

Lysol Brand Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner, Tangerine & Mango Essence-05/11/2017

liquid --

Lysol Brand Power & Fresh, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Tangerine Mango-05/07/2019

liquid --
Lysol Healthy Touch, No-Touch Kitchen System Liquid Hand Soap, Sparkling Tangerine liquid --
Lysol Healthy Touch, No-Touch Liquid Hand Soap, Vanilla Sugar & Spice liquid --
Air Wick Air Freshener Solid Cone - Hibiscus & Island Fruits-Old Product gel --
Downy Wrinkle Releaser-Old Product liquid --
Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Travel Size, Light Fresh Scent-Old Product liquid --

Finish GelPacs, Orange Scent-10/06/2014-Old Product

gel pouch --

Lysol Brand Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner, Hawaii Sunset Essence-12/09/2014-Old Product

liquid --
Lysol Healthy Touch, No-Touch Liquid Hand Soap, Grapefruit Essence-Old Product liquid --
6223_Image Palmolive Ultra, Antibacterial Liquid Soap.jpg
Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap-08/26/2004-Old Product liquid --
Palmolive with Orange Extracts-Old Product liquid --
Personal Care
Avon Black Suede Cologne Spray liquid --
11229_01022088 Image Avon Nail Experts Vitamin C Cuticle Gel.jpg
Avon Nail Experts Vitamin C Cuticle Gel gel --
11231_01022090 Image Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Milk Hydrating Conditioner.jpg
Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Milk Hydrating Conditioner liquid --
11232_01022091 Image Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Milk Hydrating Shampoo.jpg
Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Milk Hydrating Shampoo liquid --
11233_01022092 Image Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Milk Shower Gel.jpg
Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Milk Shower Gel liquid --
11239_01022098 Image Avon Naturals Vanilla Body Spray.jpg
Avon Naturals Vanilla Soy Milk Body Spray liquid --
AXE Fever Shower Gel, Brazilian Hot Mud + Red Dragonfruit Extract gel --
9634_21010033 Image Axe Shampoo + Conditioner, 2 in 1.jpg
Axe Shampoo and Conditioner, 2 in 1 liquid --
9649_21010046 Image Caress Exoliating Beauty Bar, Tahitian Renewal 4.25oz Bars.jpg
Caress Exfoliating Renewal Beauty Bar, Tahitian solid --
Degree Girl Body Mist Fragrance, Twilight Kiss pump spray --

Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash, Antibacterial, Power Berries-06/29/2015

liquid --

Dial for Men Power Scrub, Deep Down Cleansing Body Wash-11/11/2015

liquid --

Dial Oil Free Acne Control Foaming Facial Scrub-11/11/2015

liquid --
8869_10001006 Image  John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Luminous Color Glaze for Deeper, Chestnut to Espresso.jpg
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Luminous Color Glaze, Chestnut to Espresso gel --
8876_10011015 Image John Frieda Radiant Red Luminous Color Glaze for Deeper, Richer Shades of Red Hair.jpg
John Frieda Radiant Red Luminous Color Glaze, Deeper Richer Red gel --
8880_10011019 Image John Frieda Sheer Blonde Luminous Color Glaze for Deeper, Honey to Caramel.jpg
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Luminous Color Glaze, Honey to Carmel liquid --
8881_10011020 Image new John Frieda sheer blonde Luminous Color Glaze, Platinum to Champagne.jpg
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Luminous Color Glaze, Platinum to Champagne gel --
Johnsons Baby Shampoo, Original liquid --
8486_16030083 Image Kandoo Body Wash.jpg
Kandoo Body Wash by Pampers, All Fragrances liquid --
8487_16030084 Image Pampers Kandoo Handsoap, Magic Melon.jpg
Kandoo Foaming Handsoap by Pampers, All Fragrances liquid --

Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash, Soothing Honey & Milk-03/09/2015

liquid --
No More Tears Baby Shampoo liquid --

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion with Avocado Oil Smoothing Conditioner-02/03/2015

liquid --

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion with Avocado Oil Smoothing Shampoo-02/03/2015

liquid --

Schwarzkopf Got 2b CrazySleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion

cream --

Softsoap Coconut Island Quench Moisturizing Body Wash-11/25/2015

liquid --
Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair liquid --
Suave for Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Surfs Up liquid --
Suave Moisturizing 2 in 1 Body Wash, Passion Flower & Rosemary liquid --
Suave Shampoo for All Hair Types, Strawberry liquid --
8588_16030183 Image Zest Stimulating Fusions Body Wash, Tangerine Mango Twist.jpg
Zest Stimulating Fusions Body Wash, Mango Twist liquid --
Clairol Herbal Essences Conditioner-Fine/Limp Hair-Old Product liquid --
Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo-Fine/Limp Hair-Old Product liquid --
Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo-Normal Hair-Old Product liquid --
Dial for Men 2-in-1 Hair+Body Wash, Iso Fresh Sport-Old Product liquid --
Dial for Men 3-D All Day Odor Defense Body Wash, Odor Control Agents-Old Product liquid --
Dial for Men Moisture Rich Hair + Body Wash with Scalp Conditioners-Old Product liquid --
Dial for Men Speed Foam Body Wash, Active Sport-Old Product aerosol --
Dial for Men Speed Foam Body Wash, Arctic Refresh-Old Product aerosol --
Dial for Men Ultimate Clean Clean Body Wash with Clean Rinsing Technology, Full Force-Old Product liquid --
Dial for Men Ultimate Clean Hair + Body Wash with Clean Rinsing Technology-Old Product liquid --
9873_04002268 Image Dial For Men 3D Odor Defense Body Wash.jpg
Dial for Men, 3D Odor Defense Body Wash-Old Product liquid --
Herbal Essence Body Wash (Dry Skin and Normal)-Old Product lotion --
Old Spice After Shave-Old Product liquid --
Softsoap 2 in 1 Antibacterial Hand Soap Plus Moisturizing Lotion-Old Product liquid --
Softsoap Fruit Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap, Orchard Fresh Peach-Old Product liquid --
Softsoap Gentle Antibacterial Body Wash with Vitamins-Old Product liquid --