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In case of poisoning, immediately contact your 24-Hour Poison Control Hotline at : 1-800-222-1222 in U.S.A.

First Aid Information For: Aquafresh Striped Gel Whitening Toothpaste

From MSDS Ingestion: Never attempt to induce vomiting. Do not attempt to give any solid or liquid by mouth if the exposed subject is unconscious or semi-conscious. Wash out the mouth with water. If the exposed subject is fully conscious, give plenty of water to drink. Obtain medical attention. Inhalation: Physical form suggests that risk of inhalation exposure is negligible. Skin Contact: Using appropriate personal protective equipment, remove contaminated clothing and flush exposed area with large amounts of water. Obtain medical attention if skin reaction occurs, which may be immediate or delayed. Eye Contact: Wash immediately with clean and gently flowing water. Continue for at least 15 minutes. Obtain medical attention. NOTES TO HEALTH PROFESSIONALS Medical Treatment Treat according to locally accepted protocols. For additional guidance, refer to the current prescribing information or to the local poison control information centre. Medical Conditions Caused or Aggravated by Exposure Refer to prescribing information for detailed description of medical conditions caused by or aggravated by overexposure to this product. Antidotes: No specific antidotes are recommended.